Know Better, Do Better

Know Better, Do Better – How To Lean Into The Light And Be Your Best SELF! by Philip Allan Turner is a spiritual handbook for living an abundant life.  Maya Angelou stated, “I did then what I knew how to do. Now that I know better, I do better.”  This quote freed the author and allowed him to move forward after the most difficult time in his life. He believes this quote can provide inspiration to anyone who has made a mistake or fallen down.  By knowing better, we can master ourselves so that we can our best self.

After losing his job, his house and his life as he knew it, the author became severely depressed.  He spent three years reading every self-help book he could and eventually found the Bible. This new, uplifting book uses spiritual wisdom to describe how we can become the people God intended us to be.  The author made Jesus his life coach and was transformed. Using the Bible and other spiritual traditions, the author has devised 20 easy steps to love and empowerment.  The book incorporates cognitive behavioral methods along with spiritual principles to help the reader develop a God-consciousness.

The author posits five main premises throughout the book: 1) We are broken because of the conditioning we have gone through and the experiences we have lived; 2) There is another path, a more enlightened path; 3) Through effort and daily practice, we can break out of the programming of the past to rewire our minds to live a better life; 4) As salvation is not constant, neither is enlightenment. We must constantly strive to stay in the present moment and on the right Godly path; and 5) When we get better, it’ll get better.

The author provides ‘Know Better’ Life Questions, ‘Know Better’ Life Principles along with ‘Know Better’ Empowerment Exercises to help the reader awaken to their purpose in life. This 325 page book can transform your life by showing you how to restructure your thinking to ignite the fire within and lean into the light. One finds there is no path to love, love is the path.

The second book from the author is entitled ‘Know Better, Do Better – 20 Steps to Empowerment and Love!’ The focus of this book is the author’s simple framework to master yourself in order to live an abundant life! The author received such a positive response from his first book he summarized the 20 steps in this easy to read guidebook.

The third book is called ‘Learning to Discern God’s Voice – 180 Day Devotional for Walking in the Spirit.’ This book is a 6 month journey to transform your life. Spiritual development is the focus of this nearly 400 page work.

The fourth book is called “Spies of Promise: The Untold Story of Joshua’s 40 Days in Canaan.” This novel is something so different and unique, it’s a new genre!

A Christian spy thriller set 1200 years before the birth of Jesus. In the Old Testament Book of Numbers 13-14, the Bible tells the brief narrative of the journey of the 12 spies. The world knows the end of the Biblical story where the Hebrews were ultimately disobedient which resulted in them wandering for 40 years in the wilderness, never to enter the Promised Land.

This novel describes what the 12 spies, sent by Moses, experienced during their 40 day intelligence operation in Canaan. Joshua and the 11 other spies encounter assassins, prostitutes, sorcerers, demons and angels along their route. Both Moses and Satan are key secondary characters in this story about faith, redemption and love. There are powerful lessons at the end of this book which can help anyone navigate through their own personal wilderness.


All four books are for sale on Amazon and Smashwords. Get your copy today so you can be your best SELF!

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